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Now Shipping FG-9 and R2000 Carbines!

XR2000 Rhineland Rifle Chassis (for AR15 parts bolt action/straight pull system

The R2000 is an evolution of the AR15 platform for those who prefer high accuracy using AR parts in a compact rifle. The R2000 is a Patent Pending chassis system/kit for AR15 components, it is a receiver and requires an FFL to ship to.

These can be built into any caliber a standard .223 rifle can be built into and features the same internal specs. This is a complete platform that requires the following, AR15 barrel w/gas system, Trigger group/mag catch, bolt and carbine recoil system. The rifle uses push pins for rapid disassembly. The top rail is designed to take top or side mount bipods. Available with either finished walnut as well as unfinished walnut for those who want to finish their own. 308 versions available summer of 2023.

Now Shipping FG-9 and R2000 Carbines!

Based upon the legendary German FG42 rifle, the FG-9 carbine incorporates modern features including Ar15 9mm magazines and fire control group. Made in America of aluminum, steel, and wood, the feed ramp handles all bullet types, including wide hollow-point rounds. Of note, a built-in scope rail and modified m-lock on the lower rail for bipods or addition items.

Two versions: a long barrel or short. The short barrel is a very compact carbine, while still retaining a 16″ overall length.

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FG-9 Alpine
FG-9 Standard


15 - 22lr Models Available!

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